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Emergency door opening
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Emergency door opening

In case of power failure or appliance failure the appliance door remains locked. The washing programme continues, when the power is restored. If the door remains locked in case of failure, it is possible to open it using the emergency unlock feature.

Before opening the door:
Make sure that the water temperature and the laundry are not hot. Wait till they cool down, if necessary.
Make sure that the drum is not rotating. Wait till the drum stops rotating, if necessary.
icon-info.pngMake sure that the water level inside the drum is not too high. Proceed with an emergency drain, if necessary (refer to «Emergency drain» in «Care and cleaning» chapter).

To open the door, proceed as follows:

  1. Press the button Aan/Uit - Marche/Arrêt to switch the appliance off.
  2. Disconnect the mains plug from the mains socket.
  3. Open the filter flap.
  4. Keep the emergency unlock trigger pulled downward and, at the same time, open the appliance door.

  5. Take out the laundry and then close the appliance door.
  6. Close the filter flap.
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