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Daily Use
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Daily Use

Activating the appliance

  1. Open the water tap.
  2. Connect the mains plug to the mains socket.
  3. Press button Aan/Uit - Marche/Arrêt to activate the appliance.
A short tune sounds.

Loading the laundry

  1. Open the appliance door
  2. Put the laundry in the drum, one item at a time.
  3. Shake the items before you put them in the appliance.
    Make sure not to put too much laundry in the drum.
  4. Close the door firmly.
Make sure that no laundry stays between the seal and the door. There is a risk of water leakage or damage to the laundry.

Filling the detergent and additives



Compartment for prewash phase an soak programme.


Compartment for washing phase.


Compartment for liquid additives (fabric conditioner, starch).


Maximum level for quantity of liquid additives.


Compartment for stain remover.


Flap for powder or liquid detergent.

icon-info.pngAlways obey the instructions that you find on the packaging of the detergent products.

Check the position of the flap

  1. Pull out the detergent dispenser until it stops.
  2. Press the lever down to remove the dispenser.GUID-4E2B08B2-46B9-49C7-B273-8710E0FF8C71-preview_v1.png
  3. To use powder detergent, turn the flap up.GUID-22ED29C9-B632-4926-9627-1279B991A03C-preview_v1.png
  4. To use liquid detergent, turn the flap down.GUID-3D7AE270-BEAD-46F2-8D2B-8E477E1EBA4B-preview_v1.png
    icon-info.pngWith the flap in the position DOWN:
    • Do not use gelatinous or thick liquid detergents.

    • Do not put more liquid detergent than the limit showed in the flap.

    • Do not set the prewash phase.

    • Do not set the delay start function.

  5. Measure out the detergent and the fabric conditioner.
  6. Carefully close the detergent dispenser.

Make sure that the flap does not cause a blockage when you close the drawer.

Setting a programme

  1. Turn the programme knob and set the programme:
    • The related programme indicator comes on.
    • The indicator of Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause flashes.
    • The display shows: the default temperature, the spin speed, the indicators of the programme phases and the programme duration.
  2. If necessary, change the temperature, the spin speed, the cycle duration, or add available options. When you activate an option, the indicator of the set option comes on.
icon-info.png If you set something incorrect, the display shows the message Err.

Starting a programme without the delay start

Press button Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause to start the programme.

The relevant indicator stops to flash and stays on.

On the display the indicator of the phase is operation starts to flash.

The programme starts, the door is locked. The display show the indicator GUID-4BDF153F-4E5A-4E12-A015-FD26843E28AC-preview_v1.png.

icon-info.png The drain pump can operate for a short time when the appliance fills water.

Behaviour of the appliance

icon-info.pngAfter approximately 15 minutes from the start of the programme:
  • The appliance adjusts automatically the cycle time to the laundry you have put in the drum to have perfect washing results in the minimum necessary time.
  • The display shows the new time value.

Starting a programme with the delay start

  1. Press button Startuitstel - Départ Différé again and again until the display shows the number of minutes or hours of delay.
    The related indicator comes on.
  2. Press button Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause.

    The appliance starts the countdown of the delay start.

    When the countdown is completed, the programme starts automatically.

icon-info.png Before you press button Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause to start the appliance, you can cancel or change the set of the delay start.

Cancelling the delay start

To cancel the delay start:

  1. Press button Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause to set the appliance to pause.
    The related indicator flashes.
  2. Press button Startuitstel - Départ Différé repeatedly until the display shows GUID-FE3B6114-7A53-4219-A555-517148EE10E3-preview_v1.png.
  3. Press button Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause again to start the programme immediately.

Interrupting a programme and changing a function

You can change only some options before they operate.

  1. Press button Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause.
    The related indicator flashes.
  2. Change the function set.
  3. Press the button Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause again.
    The programme continues.

Cancelling a running programme

  1. Press button Aan/Uit - Marche/Arrêt to cancel the programme and to deactivate the appliance.
  2. Press button Aan/Uit - Marche/Arrêt again to activate the appliance.
    Now, you can set a new washing programme.
    icon-info.pngBefore starting the new programme the appliance could drain the water. In this case, make sure that the detergent is still in the detergent compartment, if not fill the detergent again.

Opening the door

icon-info.png If the temperature and level of the water in the drum are too high and the drum still rotates you cannot open the door.
While a programme or the delay start operates, the appliance door is locked.
  1. Press button Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause.
    In the display the related door lock indicator goes off.
  2. Open the appliance door.
  3. Close the door and press button Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause.
    The programme or the delay start continues.

End of cycle

When the programme has finished, the appliance stops automatically. The acoustic signal operates (if it is active).

In the display GUID-FE3B6114-7A53-4219-A555-517148EE10E3-preview_v1.png comes on and the door locked indicator GUID-02FE5456-0D61-4250-9B06-395096BFA988-preview_v1.png goes off.

The indicator of Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause button goes off.

  1. Press button Aan/Uit - Marche/Arrêt to deactivate the appliance.
    After five minutes from the end of the programme, the energy saving function automatically deactivates the appliance.
    icon-info.png When you activate the appliance again, the display show the end of the last set programme. Turn the programme knob to set a new cycle.
  2. Remove the laundry from the appliance.
  3. Make sure that the drum is empty.
  4. Keep the door ajar, to prevent mildew and odours

Draining water out after end of cycle

The washing programme is completed, but there is water in the drum:

The drum turns regularly to prevent the creases in the laundry.

The door lock indicator GUID-02FE5456-0D61-4250-9B06-395096BFA988-preview_v1.png is on. The door stays locked.

You must drain the water to open the door:

  1. If necessary, decrease the spin speed.
  2. Press the Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause button.

    The appliance drains the water and spins.

  3. When the programme is completed and the door lock indicator GUID-02FE5456-0D61-4250-9B06-395096BFA988-preview_v1.png goes off, you can open the door .
  4. Press Aan/Uit - Marche/Arrêt some seconds to deactivate the appliance.
    icon-info.png The appliance drains and spins automatically after approximately18 hours.

AUTO Stand-by option

The AUTO Stand-by function automatically deactivates the appliance to decrease the energy consumption when:

  • You do not use the appliance for 5 minutes before you press Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause button.

    Press the button Aan/Uit - Marche/Arrêt to activate the appliance again.

  • After 5 minutes from the end of the washing programme

    Press the button Aan/Uit - Marche/Arrêt to activate the appliance again.

    The display shows the end of the last set programme.

    Turn the programme knob to set a new cycle.

icon-info.pngIf you set a programme or an option that ends with water in the drum, the AUTO Stand-by function doesn't deactivate the appliance to remind you to drain the water.
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