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Programme knob

Turn this knob to set a programme. The related programme indicator comes on.

Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause

Press button Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause to start or interrupt a programme.

Startuitstel - Départ Différé

With this option you can delay the start of a programme from 30 minutes to 20 hours.

The display shows the related indicator and delay time.

Tijd Besparen - Gain de Temps

With this option you can decrease the programme duration.

  • Press this button one time to set 'Shortened duration' for items with daily soil.

  • Press this button two times to set 'Extra Quick' for items with almost no soil.

icon-info.png Some programmes accept only one of the two options.

Extra Spoelen - Rinçage+

With this option you can add some rinses to a washing programme.

Use this option for persons allergic to detergents and in areas where the water is soft.

The related indicator comes on.

Vlekken - Taches

Set this option to add the stain phase to a programme.

Use this option for laundry with hard stains to remove.

When you set this function, put the stain remover into compartment GUID-F6A330A9-4FE7-49CF-BF75-99E2BFE92571-preview_v1.png.

icon-info.png This option increases the programme duration. This option is not available with a temperature lower than 40 °C.


With this option you can decrease the default spin speed.

The display shows the indicator of the set speed.

Additional spin options:

No Spin

  • Set this option to remove all spin phases.

  • Set it for very delicate fabrics.

  • The rinse phase uses more water for some washing programmes.

  • The display shows the indicatorGUID-4D6D7F6B-F7F0-48AD-86F6-E6DA35E01BC7-preview_v1.png .

Rinse Hold

  • Set this option to prevent the laundry creases.

  • The washing programme stops with the water in the drum. The drum turns regularly to prevent the laundry creases.

  • The door stays locked. You must drain the water to unlock the door.

  • The display shows the indicator GUID-046E8CD6-00B5-45B5-A1D3-A3AEC914C109-preview_v1.png .

icon-info.png To drain the water refer to ‘At the end of the programme’.


Set this option to change the default temperature.

Indicator GUID-FAD99075-74D6-47E6-8610-C03103871ED0-preview_v1.png = cold water.

The display shows the set temperature.

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