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Acoustic signals

The acoustic signals operate when:

  • You activate the appliance.

  • You deactivate the appliance.

  • You press the buttons.

  • The programme is completed.

  • The appliance has a malfunction.

To deactivate/activate the acoustic signals, press Vlekken - Taches and Extra Spoelen - Rinçage + at the same time for 6 seconds.

icon-info.png If you deactivate the acoustic signals, they continue operate when the appliance has a malfunction.

Child Lock GUID-EC6BE892-4413-49E7-99D5-17FEC24C0E8B-preview_v1.png

With this option you can prevent that the children play with the control panel.

  • To activate/deactivate this option, press Temp.°C and T/min. at the same time until the indicator GUID-EC6BE892-4413-49E7-99D5-17FEC24C0E8B-preview_v1.png comes on/goes off.

You can activate this option:

  • After you press Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause : the options and the programme knob are locked.

  • Before you press Start/Pauze - Départ/Pause : the appliance cannot start.

Permanent Extra Rinse

With this option you can permanently have an extra rinse when you set a new programme.

  • To activate/deactivate this option press Tijd Besparen - Gain de Temps and Startuitstel - Départ Différé at the same time until the indicator Extra Spoelen - Rinçage+ comes on/goes off.

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