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Product description
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Product description

Appliance overview

  1. Worktop

  2. Detergent dispenser

  3. Control panel

  4. Door handle

  5. Rating plate

  6. Drain pump filter

  7. Feet for the appliance level

How to activate the child safety device

This device prevents children or pets to be closed in the drum.
Turn the device clockwise, until the groove is horizontal.
You cannot close the door.
To close the door, turn the device anticlockwise until the groove is vertical.

Available from your authorized dealer

icon-info.png Only appropriate accessories approved by AEG ensure the safety standards of the appliance. If unapproved parts are used, any claims will be invalidated.

Fixing plate kit (4055171146)

Available from your authorized dealer.

If you install the appliance on a plinth, secure the appliance in the fixing plates.

Read carefully the instructions supplied with the accessory.

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