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Refer to Safety chapters.

What to do if...


Possible cause


The appliance does not operate.

The appliance is switched off.

Switch on the appliance.

The mains plug is not connected to the mains socket correctly.

Connect the mains plug to the mains socket correctly.

There is no voltage in the mains socket.

Connect a different electrical appliance to the mains socket. Contact a qualified electrician.

The appliance is noisy.

The appliance is not supported properly.

Check if the appliance stands stable.

The lamp does not work.

The lamp is in stand-by.

Close and open the door.

The lamp is defective.

Refer to "Replacing the lamp".

The compressor operates continually.

Temperature is set incorrectly.

Refer to "Operation" chapter.

Many food products to be frozen were put in at the same time.

Wait some hours and then check the temperature again.

The room temperature is too high.

Refer to climate class chart on the rating plate.

Food products placed in the appliance were too warm.

Allow food products to cool to room temperature before storing.

There is too much frost and ice.

The door is not closed correctly or the gasket is deformed/dirty.

Refer to "Closing the door".

The water drainage plug is not correctly positioned.

Position the water drainage plug in the correct way.

Food products are not wrapped properly.

Wrap the food products better.

Temperature is set incorrectly.

Refer to "Operation" chapter.

Water flows on the rear plate of the refrigerator.

During the automatic defrosting process, frost melts on the rear plate.

This is correct.

Water flows into the refrigerator.

The water outlet is clogged.

Clean the water outlet.

Food products prevent that water flows into the water collector.

Make sure that food products do not touch the rear plate.

Water flows on the floor.

The melting water outlet is not connected to the evaporative tray above the compressor.

Attach the melting water outlet to the evaporative tray.

The temperature in the appliance is too low/too high.

The temperature regulator is not set correctly.

Set a higher/lower temperature.

The door is not closed correctly.

Refer to "Closing the door".

The food products' temperature is too high.

Let the food products temperature decrease to room temperature before storage.

Many food products are stored at the same time.

Store less food products at the same time.

The thickness of the frost is greater than 4-5 mm.

Defrost the appliance.

The door has been opened often.

Open the door only if necessary.

icon-info.png If the advice does not lead to the desired result, call the nearest Authorized Service Centre.

Replacing the lamp

icon-info.png The appliance is equipped with a longlife LED interior light.
Disconnect the plug from the mains socket.
  1. At the same time, with the fingers expand up and down the transparent cover and unhook it in the direction of the arrows.

  2. Replace the lamp with one of the same power and shape, specifically designed for household appliances. (the maximum power is shown on the light bulb cover).
  3. Reassemble the lamp cover.
  4. Connect the plug to the mains socket.
  5. Open the door.

    Make sure that the light comes on.

Closing the door

  1. Clean the door gaskets.
  2. If necessary, adjust the door. Refer to "Installation".
  3. If necessary, replace the defective door gaskets. Contact the Authorised Service Centre.
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