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Switching on

  1. Insert the plug into the wall socket.
  2. Turn the Temperature regulator clockwise to a medium setting.

Switching off

To turn off the appliance, turn the temperature regulator to the "O" position.

Temperature regulation

The temperature is automatically regulated.

To operate the appliance, proceed as follows:
  • turn the Temperature regulator towards lower settings to obtain the minimum coldness.

  • turn the Temperature regulator towards higher settings to obtain the maximum coldness.

icon-info.png A medium setting is generally the most suitable.
However, the exact setting should be chosen keeping in mind that the temperature inside the appliance depends on:
  • room temperature

  • how often the door is opened

  • the quantity of food stored

  • the location of the appliance.

If the ambient temperature is high or the appliance is fully loaded, and the appliance is set to the lowest temperatures, it may run continuously causing frost to form on the rear wall. In this case the dial must be set to a higher temperature to allow automatic defrosting and therefore reduced energy consumption.
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