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Care and cleaning
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Care and cleaning

Refer to Safety chapters.

Periodic cleaning

Unplug the appliance before carrying out any maintenance operation.
icon-info.png Do not use detergents, abrasive products, highly perfumed cleaning products or wax polishes to clean the inner side of the appliance. Prevent damage to the cooling system. There is no need to clean the compressor area.
  1. Switch off the appliance.
  2. Regularly clean the appliance and the accessories with warm water and neutral soap.

    Clean the lid seal carefully.

  3. Fully dry the appliance.
  4. Connect the mains plug to the mains socket.
  5. Switch on the appliance.

Defrosting the freezer

Never use sharp metal tools to scrape off frost as you could damage the appliance. Do not use a mechanical device or any artificial means to speed up the thawing process other than those recommended by the manufacturer. A temperature rise of the frozen food packs, during defrosting, may shorten their safe storage life.

Defrost the freezer when the frost layer reaches a thickness of about 10-15 mm.

The amount of frost on the walls of the appliance will be increased by the high level of the outer environment humidity and if the frozen food is not wrapped properly.

The best time to defrost the freezer when it contains no or only a little food.

  1. Switch off the appliance.
  2. Remove any stored food, wrap it in several layers of newspaper and put it in a cool place.
  3. Leave the lid open , remove the plug from the defrost water drain and collect all defrost water on a tray.
  4. When defrosting is completed, dry the interior thoroughly and refit the plug.
  5. Switch on the appliance.
  6. Set the temperature regulator to obtain the maximum coldness and run the appliance for two or three hours using this setting.
  7. Reload the previously removed food into the compartment.

Periods of non-operation

When the appliance is not in use for long periods, take the following precautions:

  1. Switch off the appliance and disconnect the appliance from electricity supply.
  2. Remove all food
  3. Defrost and clean the appliance and all accessories.
  4. Leave the lid open to prevent unpleasant smells.
icon-info.png If the cabinet will be kept on, ask somebody to check it once in a while to prevent the food inside from spoiling in case of a power failure.
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