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Oven - Clock functions
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Oven - Clock functions


  1. Duration and End time indicator

  2. Time display

  3. Timer active indicator

  4. Minute minder indicator







To set the time.



To set a clock function.



To set the time.

Clock functions table

Clock function



Minute Minder

To set countdown time (1 min - 23 h 59 min). This function has no effect on the operation of the appliance.



To set the cooking time of the oven (1 min - 10 h).



To set the time of day when the oven should deactivate (1 min - 10 h).

icon-info.png You can use Duration and End at the same time if you want the appliance to activate and deactivate automatically: first set the Duration and then the End.

Setting the clock functions

For Duration (dur) and End (End), set an oven function and temperature of cooking. This is not necessary for the Minute Minder GUID-135253CF-4947-4555-8352-29BF8542ED01-preview_v1.png.

  1. Press GUID-959B91BB-00DD-4504-B861-ED335689C4CC-preview_v1.png again and again until the indicator for the necessary clock function starts to flash.
  2. Press GUID-0139CD69-5CDC-47FA-96EA-743E541F1046-preview_v1.png or GUID-982D1D2C-B1A1-491B-B24E-247FECFFF4CD-preview_v1.png to set the necessary clock function.

    The clock function activates. The display shows the indicator for the clock function you set. For End and Duration symbol A also comes on the display.

  3. When the time ends the indicator of the clock function flashes and an acoustic signal sounds for 2 minutes. Press any button to stop the signal.
icon-info.png With the Duration and End functions, the appliance deactivates automatically.

Cancelling the clock functions

  1. Press the GUID-959B91BB-00DD-4504-B861-ED335689C4CC-preview_v1.png again and again until the necessary function indicator flashes.
  2. Press and hold GUID-982D1D2C-B1A1-491B-B24E-247FECFFF4CD-preview_v1.png and GUID-0139CD69-5CDC-47FA-96EA-743E541F1046-preview_v1.png buttons at the same time.

    The clock function goes out after some seconds.

Changing the acoustic signal

  1. To hear the current acoustic signal, press and hold the GUID-982D1D2C-B1A1-491B-B24E-247FECFFF4CD-preview_v1.png button.
  2. Repeatedly press GUID-982D1D2C-B1A1-491B-B24E-247FECFFF4CD-preview_v1.png to change the signal.
  3. Release the GUID-982D1D2C-B1A1-491B-B24E-247FECFFF4CD-preview_v1.png button.

    The last tone you set is the new acoustic signal.

  4. Wait 5 seconds for the setting to be confirmed automatically.
icon-info.png When the appliance is disconnected from the mains or after a power cut, the signal tone is set back to the default one.
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