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Product description
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Product description

General overview

  1. Knobs for the hob

  2. Electronic programmer

  3. Knob for the temperature

  4. Temperature lamp / symbol / indicator

  5. Knob for the oven functions

  6. Heating element

  7. Lamp

  8. Fan

  9. Shelf support, removable

  10. Shelf positions

Cooking surface layout

  1. Semi-rapid burner

  2. Steam outlet - number and position depend on the model

  3. Semi-rapid burner

  4. Auxiliary burner

  5. Triple Crown burner


  • Wire shelf

    For cookware, cake tins, roasts.

  • Baking tray

    For cakes and biscuits.

  • Grill- / Roasting pan

    To bake and roast or as pan to collect fat.

  • Optional telescopic runners

    For shelves and trays. You can order them separately.

  • Storage drawer

    The storage drawer is below the oven cavity.

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